Kurt Erichsen's Christmas Card!

Every year for more years than I care to remember I've done a custom Christmas (excuse me, Holiday -- usually Saturnalia) Card which I send to friends, colleagues, and clients (real or imagined). Often they're topical. Some years they serve as a kind of personal award to the most ludicrous new trend of the year. One year it was the dancing Santas that showed up in every store and swiveled their hips to "Jingle Bell Rock" or some equally wretched computer generated tune.

Another favorite of mine was How The Grunge Stole Boxing Day. Let me start by saying I admire Dr. Seuss's work very much. I also liked Chuck Jones' work on the cartoon. I found it surprisingly easy to lapse into Dr. Seuss' style. Scratchy crow-quill inking comes naturally to me. Doing a Dr. Seuss pastiche made me appreciate and easily recognize the difference between a Seuss Grinch and a Jones Grinch.

But I digress. Happy holidays!


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1995: Keeping the Holiday Spirit Year-Round

1994: The Wicked Witch of Christmas

1993: When Kids Take Over Christmas ... If the art looks a little funny (and I don't mean funny ha-ha) this is one of my earliest attempts at drawing on a computer with a stylus.
1992: Only 111 More Shopping Days
1991: Merry Christmas from you Bank
1990: Celebrate Christmas 1990 on 1/15/1991
1989: Santa Gives Part of Himself as your Gift ... The original was drawn on onion skin paper with zipatone (remember zipatone?) which has yellowed. This is the best scan I could get.
1988: This Year it's Santa's Turn
1987: Merry Christmas to you and your species
1986: Little Timmy strikes it big on Christmas morning

1985: Merry Christmas Merry Christmas Merry Christmas

1984: Santa makes a list and checks it twice ... with these newfangled computers